A Bookie Guide to Sportsbook Player Types

In our series of bookie tutorials, we have helped you learn how to become a bookie. Now that you are running your very own sportsbook operation, we would like to further help you in your current operations. Previously, we taught you about player activity and how you can use it to improve operations. Now, we will give you our bookie guide to sportsbook player types.

Basically, we will show you how to profile your players and find out how you can manage each player type, or work on any possible weaknesses or risks that these players could pose in your sportsbook. This will come in handy with line management, as your movement depends on your players’ activity.

Sportsbook Player Types

A Bookie Guide to Sportsbook Player TypesSince you can easily track people in your bookie software, you can see their behaviors overtime. For instance, you will be able to see that some players may be recreational, or public bettors, and will tend to bet on specific teams, or popular sports teams. Popular teams for this type of players are the LA Lakers in the NBA, the LA Rams or Kansas City Chiefs for the NFL , for instance. These are players who tend to place bets based on preferences, and mostly do not look at probabilities. In fact, some bettors make money from betting against the public. Public betting tends to cause sportsbooks to adjust odds in an effort to balance the lines, so there could be value in betting against known wagers that attract their type.

Players who often take advantage of this are called sharps. These are professional sports bettors who are very logical about their wagers. They also tend to look for weaknesses in sportsbooks. It could be delays in adjusting lines, or weak lines in general. Thankfully, your Bookie PPH software can help you prevent this, especially if they offer white label sports betting services. We’ll talk more about other types of sports bettors in our next bookie tutorial.



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