What is Line Movement in Sports Betting?

When you learn all about becoming a bookie, you will learn about line management, which is basically managing your sports betting lines. Or odds. If you are using bookie software, the odds are already available, and line movement happens based on the latest sports information. But as a bookie, line movement is necessary based on the action that you get in your sportsbook. Let’s talk about line movement in sports betting in our latest Easy Pay Per Head Blog tutorial.

Line movement is when the odds on a bet moves or changes from the value that was initially posted. The opening line on a particular bet can change up until when the game begins. There are also a lot of reasons why these lines move. If you are wondering how do bookies make money, line movement and line management is a big factor here.

What is Line Movement in Sports Betting and How Do You Move Lines?

What is Line Movement in Sports Betting?The logic in betting lines is to have as much bets on one side of a wager on the other side. You want to get as balanced or as equal as you can, to maximize profits. For example, if the bet is on who wins the game, team A or team B, you will want to get an equal amount of wagers on both bets. If for example, wagers on team A total $500 and team B wagers are only at $50, then you will want to move the line.

So, you will adjust the odds to make it more enticing for players to bet on team B to bring up the $50 amount closer to the $500 of team A. There are other external factors for line movement, like roster changes, weather changes, player injuries and other similar circumstances.

Your pay per head service will take care of the line movement due to external factors. However, any movement needed due to the wagers you are getting is for you to manage. Your pay per head software displays the lines easily, so you can easily track the betting activity, then move the lines and offer the new odds in real time. The ease of line management allows you more time to study the data, therefore helping you potentially earn more.



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