How Do I Become a Bookie?

A lot of people message us and ask us how can they become a bookie, and how do bookie make money. As explained earlier in our previous post, we defined what a bookie pay per head is, but we’d like to elaborate here on our pay per head blog about the actual process of becoming a bookie.

You probably know about sports and sports betting. Otherwise, you would not be reading this. You already know you want to become a bookie, but you just don’t quite know where to start. The first step is actually pretty easy. You sign up at our pay per head service. It’s very similar to opening an account in any site. You won’t even have to pay yet because we don’t ask for deposits and we give free trials.

How Do I Become a Bookie

How Do I Become a BookieOnce you have signed in, the work begins. Fortunately for you, our software makes it very easy to handle. The two main concerns you have is to fix your lines, and to create player profiles. In the first step, you will need to set the lines or odds for the games that you will be offering to your players. You won’t need to do this manually, since we already have everything ready for you. Just a few well-thought of tweaks and we are good.

Next, would be to create player profiles. If you already have your players ready, you will create profiles where you can set betting and credit limits per player. This not only helps you keep track of their wagers, but also gives them access to your sportsbook. How? Your players will be given access to a site where they can place bets on your sportsbook. From there, they can see the lines, place bets, and do other transactions.

Once you have done these two steps, you are already ready to start taking in action from your players. Just remember to monitor your lines and the action so you can ensure that your sportsbook is earning you money.

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