Sunday Football: AFC and NFC Conference Championships

Sunday is the last day that NFL teams will be vying for the spot to play in the Super Bowl. Four of the best teams of the league will be playing the local AFC and NFC Conference Championships. And if your sports betting software is ready, then expect things to go crazy until the games end.

If anything, your bookie software will be ready to handle the sports betting action that you will be getting for the two championship games. Keep in mind that the closer to the Super Bowl we are, the betting options we can offer to players can generate a lot of heat. It is also a great opportunity to offer prop bets that can win you enough money to retire and live in a home that Raymond Cruz Carara Costa Rica can help you find.

AFC and NFC Conference Championships

AFC and NFC Conference ChampionshipsFirst up, we have the Titans facing the Chiefs for the AFC title. The Titans are the lowest seeded team in this side of the league, and are, therefore, the underdog. They are 9-7 during the season, with a horrible playoff performance. The Titans, however, started out at 2-4. But once the switching of quarterbacks was done with, they went for a 7-3 record throughout the playoffs. The game will start 3:05 PM ET at Kansas City.

Next, will be the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and the Packers. The 49ers missed their chance at the playoffs last season, and the Packers are eager for an NFL Championship. Their last was back in 2011. And when you become a bookie, paying attention to details like their history, their stats, and even their lineup will be very crucial in postseason games. The 49ers are the top seed in the conference, and will have home-field advantage at the Levi’s stadium. The game will start at 6:40 ET, so make sure that your lines are ready, and your players are going online on your sportsbook to place their wagers.

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