NBA Postpones Draft Lottery and Combine

NBA events postponedThe NBA has been on hold since the coronavirus pandemic rendered all sports activity over for the meantime. At the point of postponement, the NBA was already nearing the end of the regular season, with a few more weeks left until the playoffs. Those who use a bookie software were perfectly relaxed, despite the hot action on the NBA, as the software took care of the bulk of the work. But now that the NBA postpones draft lottery and combine events, NBA betting fans are wanting for news, and something to bet on.

So far, the NBA has not finished the regular season. This means that there is no Draft Lottery, since there are no standings to base the event on. Then you also cannot have the Draft combine, since you also do not have the final regular-season standings. And if you want to learn how to become a bookie with a pay per head, then you should also be familiar with these events. Especially since a lot of NBA fans like wagering on drafts and trades and the like.

NBA Postpones Events

According to league officials, the new date for the postponed events will be announced later on. Initially, the Draft Lottery was scheduled for a May 19 event in Chicago. Then, the Draft Combine will be from May 19 to 24. They could, technically, do this online, much like the NFL draft. However, the complication is due to the standings. Because of this, even if the league can handle the logistics of doing everything remotely, their hands are tied as they need the standings to continue on.

Looking at the league’s schedule, there are still 259 games left. Only the Raptors, Bucks, Celtics, and the Lakers have postseason status among all of the teams in the league. So far, since there are no final dates yet, this also poses a complication for the draft-eligible players. They have an NCAA deadline to retain eligibility by June 3. International players have a June 15 deadline.

The 2020 NBA Draft will happen on June 25- until further notice. But until then, its safest to be ready with your sportsbook. That way, when the league picks up again, you will be ready to take in wagers on the NBA. If you are still without an online sportsbook, you may check some bookie pay per head reviews to find the best software for you.

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