Minding Your Data

Minding Your DataAs the owner of a pay per head sportsbook, you have the responsibility of making sure that your sportsbook runs smoothly, and that it turns a tidy profit. And one of the reasons why you do have a pay per head software, is to help you run your sportsbook. But another key feature that most take for granted is the data that the software collects for you. Just like in any business, it’s a numbers game. And when you know what your numbers are, its more likely you’ll know what to. So minding your data is probably the second most important task as a bookie.

Your bookie pay per head software has a report management system. This section is yours to customize as needed. You can generate data to see everything in your sportsbook- a bird’s eye view of sorts. But you can also get as specific as check the wagers for a single event, or look at the betting activity of a specific player.

Minding Your Data: Improve Your Numbers

Once you have seen the numbers for whatever you want to check, you can adjust a few things. First off, of course, is line movement. Now, your software will take care of the odds and the lines, but depending on the wagers you get from your players, you may need to tweak the numbers a bit.

Another aspect you can change is to adjust player limits. If you see that a player that gives you profit seems to be very active, then consider giving them a higher betting limit. If, however, you feel like you have a sharp in your book, you can start slow by lowering their limit in your sportsbook.

Be a Better Bookie

The best tip that you can get from bookie pay per head blog experts is this: use your software to improve your sportsbook. is Just look at the numbers. Look at your activity on a weekly, and monthly basis, and constantly review the activity of your players. Look if the action you get is giving you the revenue you want, or if you are losing money somewhere. If you are, plug the leak, and monitor again. It will be a constant task of checking lines, activity, and adjusting as needed. After all, being a bookie is not just some job. It requires strategy, skill, and sometimes, a little bit of luck.


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