Online Super Bowl Betting Handle Soars

In the US, sports betting is legal in about 20 states, plus the District of Columbia. And even if the Super Bowl is happening during a pandemic, betting on the Super Bowl has not slowed down. In fact, online Super Bowl betting has gone up compared to the previous year. New Jersey, for instance, doubles its Super Bowl betting handle this year. As we always advise our would-be bookies, learning how to be an online bookie is very profitable, especially now.

Many PayPerHead providers have had a busy weekend, due to the sheer volume of wagers placed over the weekend, and the weeks leading up to it. New Jersey’s handle has doubled, with $117.4 million, or 116% higher than 2020’s $54.3 million. Many bookies are also enjoying high traffic in their sportsbooks, mainly with football as a main sport people have been betting on.

Online Super Bowl Betting

Online Super Bowl Betting Handle SoarsWhile New Jersey is doing well, some are not so lucky. Nevada residents wagered $136.09 million. This is lower than the previous year’s $154.67 million. Many experts believe that because residents need to register in person before they could place bets online, it hindered Nevada’s action. If residents are able to play anytime, from anywhere, then there could have been more wagers made. Especially from recreational bettors, who are very active in the Super Bowl. You will learn about types of bettors when you become a bookie. This is an important factor in your sportsbook’s capability to generate more income.

As for other states in the US, Iowa also did great, with $16.3 million wagered, double than the previous year’s $6.5 million. Pennsylvania almost doubled their handle, raking in $53.6 million. Oregon’s increase is from 2020’s $1.95 million to this year’s $3.46 million. Mississippi also has good numbers, getting $8.1 million in wagers, while West Virginia’s handle is $4.3 million. Both states have Super Bowl handles better than their previous years’ as well.


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