Popular Bookie Marketing Strategies

When you start to learn how to become a bookie, you will learn the different hats you have to wear as a bookie. First, you need to know how to manage lines, or odds. Next, you also need to learn how to manage your players. Third, is the ability to manage the whole sportsbook. Lastly, you also need to learn how you can earn more by aiming for growth in your sportsbook operation. We at Easy Pay Per Head will continue to bring you bookie tutorials to help you with every hat you need to wear. For today, we’ll help you with the last, with popular bookie marketing strategies.

Bookie Marketing Strategies

  • Popular Bookie Marketing StrategiesEstablish Your Brand. If you want people to remember you and recommend you to others, you need to establish yourself as a bookie. What name will you call your sportsbook? How will you communicate with your players? You need to learn a bit of marketing basics to come up with an identity of who you are as a sportsbook. Focus on your market, your product, or your priority sport to promote.
  • Get More Players. There are a lot of ways to promote your sportsbook and invite more players to your sportsbook. You can spend on advertising and SEO, you can create your own social media accounts to promote your sportsbook, and more. You can get agents or affiliates to promote your site. Depending on how much you want to spend, your marketing strategy will vary.
  • Keep Your Players Happy. In the bookie pay per head industry, nothing speaks better for your sportsbook than your players. Offer them referral rewards, or get them to be affiliates too. Whatever strategy you choose, remember that as long as your players are satisfied with your service, word of mouth will be the most effective marketing strategy you have.

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