Shortcut to Becoming a Bookie

Learning how to be a bookie the traditional way can be a little tedious and time consuming. It requires a lot of research on sports, as well as sports betting and line management. These skills are crucial for every bookie. But there is another, more time-consuming aspect of becoming a bookie: creating your sportsbook. Luckily, we know the best shortcut to becoming a bookie.

Technically, its not really a shortcut in a sense that we are not cutting any corners. You can be a bookie without having to spend hundreds of thousands and months developing your own sportsbook website. The simplest and easiest solution is a bookie pay per head software. This is a software solution specifically made for bookies. Similar to how you will use software to create documents or create blogs, you will use the bookie platform to run your sportsbook.

Shortcut to Becoming a Bookie

Shortcut to Becoming a BookieThe use of bookie software speeds up the process of creating a sportsbook, because the software is ready-made. The turnkey solutions allows you to just do some minor adjustments, and you can start accepting wagers from your players as soon as you go live. It includes everything that you will need as a bookie: sportsbook management tools, a sportsbook website, and the odds that you will be offering to your players.

We consider this a shortcut because you will skip the process of developing the software and website that you will need. Assuming you already know the basics of line management, then you are good to go. All you need to do is sign up, configure your sportsbook, add players, and wait for the wagers to come in. It really is that easy. The best part, is that it is also way more affordable than doing everything on your own. You are charged a per player fee, thus the term “pay per head”, each week. For a very affordable price range, you can start earning money from sports betting as soon as you register.

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