NBA Updated Standings for Your Sportsbook

NBA Updated Standings for Your SportsbookThe NBA is just about ending the regular season, and what a season it was. With so many surprises and upsets, many bettors have probably won well. In fact, you can even earn more from basketball betting if you learn how to open a sportsbook can build your own bookie business. And before we move to the even more exciting playoff season, we have the Play-In Tournament first. Here, the lower seeded teams will be playing to get into the last remaining playoff spots. Let’s take a look at the NBA updated standings and see who goes straight to the playoffs, and who will need to fight it out in the Play-In Tournament.

We now have the list on the top 6 seeds for both the Eastern and Western Conferences, plus the play in standings. Your pay per head software will automatically have betting lines for the upcoming tournament, so you only need to monitor the lines and adjust them as needed. Of course, when you own a sportsbook, you also want to make sure it does well, so try and offer a few more bonuses to attract more players to bet on the Play-In Tournament, as well as the postseason.


 NBA Updated Standings

Eastern Conference

      1. Miami Heat (52-28)
      2. Boston Celtics (50-30)
      3. Milwaukee Bucks (49-30)
      4. Philadelphia 76ers (49-30)
      5. Toronto Raptors (46-33)
      6. Chicago Bulls (45-35)

Play-In Standings

      1. Cleveland Cavaliers (43-37)
      2. Brooklyn Nets (42-38)
      3. Atlanta Hawks (42-38)
      4. Charlotte Hornets (40-39)


Western Conference

      1. Phoenix Suns (63-17)
      2. Memphis Grizzlies (55-24)
      3. Golden State Warriors (50-29)
      4. Dallas Mavericks (50-30)
      5. Utah Jazz (48-32)
      6. Denver Nuggets (47-33)

Play-In Standings

      1. Minnesota Timberwolves (45-35)
      2. Los Angeles Clippers (39-40)
      3. New Orleans Pelicans (35-44)
      4. San Antonio Spurs (34-45)

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