Should I Offer eSports Betting in My Sportsbook?

When you manage your own online sportsbook, you have total control over your business. You can choose what to offer to your players. You can also set the limits that your players will be able to play. As a bookie, you can do whatever you think will be lucrative for your sportsbook, including adding other gambling activities such as an online casino or horse racing. One of the more popular requests seen in sportsbook pay per head software is esports betting. And many bookies would often ask: “Should I offer eSports betting in my sportsbook?”

Getting to offer eSports betting is easy, since you are using a pay per head sportsbook. The software comes with betting lines for a lot of sports and various events, esports included. But just like with any business, we recommend you get to know eSports betting first.

eSports Betting in My Sportsbook- Is It Easy?

Should I Offer eSports Betting in My Sportsbook?First, you need to understand what eSports is, and what kind of wagering you will be getting into. There are two main branches of eSports: you have sports leagues simulations through video games, then you have actual video games like CS:Go, or World of Warcraft. For the first, betting will be very similar to a normal sportsbook, with a few differences of course. But it will be easier to learn the former with the latter.

As for video games, you do have to learn about how the game is played, who are playing, and the like. Just like any sport, the skill and personalities involved will affect the outcome of the games. So you will need to learn more about it before you should get serious with eSports Betting. For instance, wagers will be made on the “first kill” of the game, rather than the first to score, and the like. As long as you know esports well, and you feel confident that you will be able to manage your lines well, then go for it. You can learn how to open a sportsbook easily, and see that offering esports betting is very easy, and won’t cost you a lot.

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