Managing Your Players in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

One of the reasons why bookies use a pay per head service is to have an easier time managing their players. Using the pay per head software to automate does not mean you won’t have any more work to do, but it really does make your job easier. Instead of taking down wagers and adding them to a spreadsheet, the software automatically logs all wagers from the sportsbook, which you can view in your dashboard. This particular part of sports betting normally would take a lot of time on the bookie’s part. But now, its done in less than a second, and you will have more time managing your players in your pay per head sportsbook.

And when it comes to managing your players, you will have an easier time doing that using a bookie pay per head, too. Why, you ask? Because all the data about your players, and their wagers, can be easily viewed in your bookie software. You can even go as far as to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the betting activities of your player. Here are a few things that you can do in terms of player management through your software:

Managing Your Players in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

  • Managing Your Players in Your Pay Per Head SportsbookData Access. You can easily profile your players based on their betting preferences, frequency, and value. You can readily use this information to plan, craft, and implement any bookie marketing strategies that will work for your players.
  • Player limits. It will be easier for you to also see your player’s betting habits and see if you can adjust their betting limits. Depending on the pay per head service you use, you should be able to do this yourself on your bookie software. You can increase their limits, or if you have a player who you think is into arbitrage betting or is a sharp, decrease their limits.
  • Expand and add more players. You can use your current players to help invite new players to your sportsbook. If you offer your players promos for referring, you can easily add more players and set their limits before they can start depositing and playing. As a pay per head bookie, you also have the freedom to offer new players a welcome bonus, or extend milestone bonuses which you can track using your software.

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